Sandy' Bonus Room Layout

Under construction. Pictures coming soon!

This is Sandy's first layout! Quite ambitious at that. The layout is in a bonus room over the garage. There is a minimum aisle all around the layout for access.

Overall dimensions of the layout are 16' 4 1/8" x 11' 4 3/8".  The width of the turntable table is 6' 2 13/16". Center inner aisle is 2' 4 1/8" wide.

Minimum radius is 24" for the main line with a bit of 18" radius for industrial tracks.

The layout is totally flat. 

The basic plan is double track going from one loop to the other. There is a large yard at the top close to a large turntable and round house. the bottom rectangular table at y the bottom is a town scene with numerous building you would typically find in a small town.

There are two cross over tracks so a train can reverse direction and two double crossovers enabling a train to transverse the other track and vice versa. These two cross over are on each side of the interior aisle.

The yard is double ended yard has three double slip switches on each ladder to create an east yard and west yard. 

This layout is quite an achievement considering it is Sandy's first and he is in a rural area of South Carolina where there are no other train buddies close by to offer some help and experience.

Two 5 foot single ended tracks at the top of the inner aisle are for passenger trains. On the left is a train shed and on the right is the Union station. Across the double main is a 5 foot industrial track serving Jamison's Whiskey Company, Clyde and Dale Barrel Company and Chips Ice House. A 2 foot single ended siding near the turntable serves a power plant and power distribution center. There is also a coal delivery track for the coaling tower. In the East Yard, the track closest to the two oil tanks has an oil loading platform. At In the town area, a passing siding serves the REA Express structure and a 2 foot car single ended spur off the passing siding serves a freight house and American Hardware Supply. So, there is a good variety of switching when you get tied of just running trains.

Sandy used AutoCAD to create the drawing. In the JPG picture shown here, a lot of the notes and lettering are too small to be readable. If you would like a DWG copy of the track plan, please email me at There are several free programs available that will display DWG files and allow you to magnify various areas of the layout.