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I am cleaning house of some excess HO unbuilt or assembled rolling stock  Most is Santa Fe. For the list, click here. Check back as I add more.  


Thanks for dropping by! There are some model railroad layouts designed for operational switching.

Sandy's Bonus Room Layout A medium sized bonus room layout. Good running plus a bit of switching. 11'x16' overall.

SFIR: Santa Fe Industrial Railroad This was the HO layout I was building in a 13' x 18' bonus room over the garage. Lots of pages on Design, Construction and Operations. The stairs got to be a bit much and there was no room to sit anywhere. Yeah, I am at that age.

TIRR: Tenderfoot Industrial Railroad A design for 18" x 10' (HO).

A&T RR: Ateton & Footnine Railroad A design for 8' x 9' (HO) L shaped corner.

Spare bedroom (11' 8" x 12' 6") switching layout.  My new HO switching layout. It's downstairs this time so its more accessible - meaning more inviting to get in and do some work! Still more scenery to do! 

Southern Pacific in New Zealand 13' x 19' 6" Lawrence Woodley's layout in New Zealand.

Links to more switching layouts:

Model Railways Shunting Puzzles: A wealth of info on design, construction and operation. Includes John Allen's Timesaver layout.


Shenandoah Software MiTrains Inventory and Waybills software.

Link to Railroad Mania.

Last updated:  01/13/2016