Santa Fe Industrial Railroad


Overall Design:

The overall design of this railroad is an fun industrial switching layout that is operationally orientated for one to seven people.

It is a freelanced design based on Santa Fe practices. I choose freelance over a strictly prototype design because it gives me considerable leeway to incorporate more interesting switching moves.

Developing a strictly prototype design usually involves a good deal of research. Undertaking this task, especially when I am located a thousand miles from the prototype, has its own share of problems.

I have a strong preference that this layout is not too challenging on the construction side so it will be up and operational in a short time. There is a lot of building in this hobby!

Locale and Era:

The general geographic location is around Kansas City. I choose this area for two reasons:

  1. The Santa Fe has the traffic flow I was looking for in this area (See Operations).
  2. Many of the structures I have (Walthers/DPM/etc.) have the architectural style of the ones in this locale.

The era chosen is grain season in 1969 which is the same as the previous layout. This time period allows use of first generation diesels, ice bunker refers and a mix of 40 and 50 foot box cars.


Just in case we move yet again, I constructed the benchwork into 18" x 48" and 24" x 48" modules predominately. These rest on L girders. This combination minimizes the number of legs. When installing the modules, the L girders carry the weight while they are joggled into place to align the track.


Electrical Control:

Digitrax DCC control with radio throttles.

Freight Car Movements:

All freight car movements will be governed using four cycle waybills and car cards.

I prefer a minimum amount of setup in between operating sessions.

Last updated:  08/09/2007